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All Wines Susumaniello Pillastro Susumaniello 2018
Pillastro Susumaniello

Pillastro Susumaniello 2018

You won't be able to get enough of this rich Italian red
Red - Medium to full bodied
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Beyond the Label

Pillastro Susumaniello
Wine file
Red - Medium to full bodied
13.5% ABV
10.13 Units
750.0 ML
31 May, 2030
Wine Summary
Italy’s deep south is best known for big, smoky wines made from its prized local varieties – Primitivo, Negroamaro, and in this case the uniquely Puglian Susumaniello grape. In local dialect Susumaniello means something like <i>“loaded like a donkey”</i>, referring to the wine’s massive amounts of aroma and flavour. Pillastro’s creator Angelo Maci is a leading figure in Puglia’s recent quality revolution, and is fervently proud of local traditions and rare grape varieties. As fans of southern Italian wines – and Pillastro fans in particular – will agree, Puglia offers <i>“undreamed-of character and potential”</i> (Hugh Johnson), and mouthwatering Susumaniello is the supreme example of this. Serve in large glasses with braised lamb shanks or caponata.